Dana Tank is a manufacturing company, which specialises in pressure and pressureless tanks and vessels, which find uses in many different branches of industry.

We have constant focus on optimising efficiency, delivery times and quality. We produce tanks and vessels in innumerable shapes and sizes.

Our expertise covers the entire process from idea to finished product. We integrate quality and reliability into each and every product.

Our expertise includes pressure vessels for technical gases, central heating accumulator tanks, pressureless tanks for liquids, silos for solids, as well as vacuum tanks, hydrophores, hot water tanks, central heating tanks, expansion tanks, buffer tanks (insulated with high-pressure foam), VGB and other combination tanks for domestic water, central heating, geothermal and solar heating systems. We are also capable of producing tanks and vessels from customers' drawings or based on designs drawn by our own engineers and industrial designers.

We have the expertise at our fingertips and can offer professional guidance, skilled project management and quality to meet every customer's expectations. 


If you are looking for high quality, reliable delivery and a long-lasting partnership, Dana Tank seeks to be your preferred supplier.

We always do our utmost to ensure that we:

  •          deliver on time
  •          deliver quality to meet customer expectations
  •          deliver at the agreed price
  •          provide advice and cooperate with unswerving focus on the customer's product