Dana Tank designs, develops and produces pressure vessels to order. We honour specific customer requirements and we meet all the usual industrial norms and regulations, including alternative anti-corrosion measures. We also advise on transportation and fitting.

We have a comprehensive range of products. We can supply standard-sized pressure vessels within short delivery times.

Where coating and surface treatment is concerned, Dana Tank has established agreements with several partners. We are therefore able to supply more or less all types of coating, including special coatings for the offshore and marine sectors, painted, galvanised, enamel or surfaces painted simply with primer.

We can produce elements measuring up to 4500 mm in diameter, 40 m long, with a volume of up to 500 m3 and weighing up to 80 tons.



  • Pressure vessels
  • High pressure vessels for technical gases
  • Heat accumulation tanks
  • Pressureless tanks for liquids
  • Silos for solid products
  • Vacuum tanks
  • Hydrophores
  • Hot water tanks
  • Domestic water tanks
  • Central heating tanks
  • Expansion tanks
  • Buffer tanks (insulated with high-pressure foam)
  • VGB and other combination tanks for domestic water, central heating, geothermal and solar heating systems.

Dana Tank products meet an upper pressure test threshold of 1,500 bar. We operate with a quality management system, which tolerates zero errors.