Quality assurance & environmental issues

Dana Tank has been certified in accordance with the international quality management standard ISO 9001 for many years. Whether we are dealing with our standard products or custom projects, it is important that we manage all our processes efficiently, from the first customer contact until the product is delivered.

Working also with LEAN, our quality work is the lynch pin, which ensures that we work precisely to our customer's specifications and that Dana Tank employees have clear directions to work with.

At Dana Tank, quality assurance includes continual and customer-specific inspection of every single step in the manufacturing process. We have in-house quality staff, who ensure that we produce the right level of quality.

We also work with several external certification bodies, which perform regular audits of all our systems to ensure that we continue to work in compliance with our own internal regulations and the procedures in our ISO 9001 manual.

All our employees attended regular training sessions. Our welders have the necessary welding certificates.

If the customer requires a specific kind of quality assurance, we agree in advance on the inspections and control activities that must be performed and prepare documentation to substantiate that inspection has taken place. We gather the documentation in a folder, which is sent to the customer when the element/project is handed over (or otherwise by agreement).

As Dana Tank works regularly with third-party authorities, we can ensure that our customer's cases are handled competently and rapidly by relevant official bodies.

With regards to manufacturing and design standards, Dana Tank works in line with the following standards: EN1090 (1,2,3), PED 97/23/EC, 87/404/EC, AD2000-M, EN13445, EN286-1, ASME VIII Div. 1, Class DnV, ABS – and many more besides

PED 97/23/EC and 87/404/EC are now superseded by 2014/68/EC and 2009/105/EC.

Our welding shops and welders are certified by Dana Tank in accordance with DS/EN ISO 3834-2 approved to re-stamp materials, EN287-1, EN1418 and ASME. We are the first workshop in Denmark to achieve Module H/H1 approval.

We can also produce CE-marked products, if required.

Among our workshop certificates, we have Inspecta, DnV and Germanischer Lloyds. We also work with CCS, Bureau Veritas, LIoyds, SVTI, ABS, RINA, NK and Tüv.

Environmental policy

At Dana Tank we have focus on the UN's 12 world goals: Responsible consumption and production. We do our utmost to create a healthy, environmentally conscious workplace, in which we always:

  • Focus on reducing consumption of finite resources, spillage and unnecessary waste
  • Think and act environmentally responsibly
  • Produce environmental reports and green accounts
  • Work specifically to recover the waste products that result from our company's manufacturing processes
  • Minimise the environmental impact of our activities
  • Inform and commit our employees to act sustainably. To a great extent, we place knowledge, freedom of action and responsibility in the hands of the individual employee
  • Allow environmental communication to be a natural feature of our activities
  • Ensure that we have a healthy and safe workplace
  • Are an eco-conscious company that receives scrap metal and aims to recycle 99% of our own waste at the company
  • We maintain eco-friendly production with minimal CO2 emissions and adjuvants

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